Week 22 of 52!

Days 148 through 154 of my 365 day photo challenge.To see daily updates visit JUST SHOOT ME PHOTOS on instagram!


Day 148:365 – Something Pink – I found theses beautiful pink flowers on a walk this evening. I have been informed that they are called Columbine.


Day 149:365 – Smiley Face – I had a hard time coming up with a place to find a smiley face, then I noticed these ping pong balls in my pantry.


Day 150:365 – Inspiration Day – Tomorrow is my cousin Prairies 18th birthday so we are taking her out tonight, for her first night on the town!


Day 151:365 – Treats – This afternoon we visited Jason’s Mom and brother/ We decided to take a walk to the local cornerstore, they serve every ice cream flavor and really good lunch items, as well as an assortment of candies!

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Day 152:365 – A “selfie”( with someone) – This photo was taken in the afternoon, just after we set up the pool for Abi and we were relaxing in the sun!

Day 153:365 – Abstract – You may not consider this to be abstract, however I really liked the composition of the pool and the hose and the trees. I feel it came together to make an interesting image.


Day 154:365 – Inspiration Day – Today I visited the Old Strathcona Antique Mall for the very first time, and I must say I am in love! I purchased this Brownie Camera by Kodak!



A journey through the forest

A Journey through the Forest, with Peyton.

Yesterday evening while it was raining, Peyton and I made a last minute decision to venture out into the woods, with makeup, and crowns and dresses in hand. What I present to you is a bit of a tale, that evolved along the way; Of a girl who gets lost in the woods, and after a great deal of turmoil, insanity, and soul searching she eventually finds herself to be right at home, as Queen of the Forest.


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The month of MAY!

Well as May comes to a close, all I can say is beautiful weather, and lots of work to keep me busy as a bee, which is great! However I have been slacking on keeping you all updated, with weekly photo of the day posts, and even a few daily posts, EEK! So I am super pleased to now announce that I have officially launched Just Shoot Me Photography, and I am open for business! This is why I have been slacking on blog updates and I apologize, I will be better now that the dust is beginning to settle, from my business venture trail blazing, so without further adoo I give you the month of May, in all its glory!


Week 21 of 52!

Days 141 through 147 of my 365 day photo challenge.To see daily updates visit JUST SHOOT ME PHOTOS on instagram!


Day 141:365 – Profile – The profile of my cat Boo. She was lounging in the sun, shining through the window onto the back of the couch.


Day 142:365 – Chains – 3 different colors and sizes of chains all in one necklace!


Day 143:365 – A wish – Instead of photographing one of my wishes, for fear of it not coming true, I decided to photograph a wish maker. So blow off the seeds and make a wish!


Day 144:365 – Something in your backyard – These are the beautiful blossoms from one of the berry shrubs in our back yard.

Day 145:365 – Contrast – Today while out for a walk I noticed three beautiful Lilac bushes, and I figured I may as well take advantage of these beautiful blooming flowers while we have them. The contrast between the dark and the light flowers with a green buffer in between, caught my eye.


Day 146:365 – Point of View (Above) – This is m friends baby boy, Luke, he is very very sweet and was posing so nicely, I couldn’t help but snap a few pics!


Day 147:365 – An Insect – Can you find the fly hidden amongst the decorative cabbage?


Week 20 of 52!

Days 134 through 140 of my 365 day photo challenge.To see daily updates visit JUST SHOOT ME PHOTOS on instagram!


Day 134:365 – Foreign Currency – These are an assortment of pesos that we have left over from our yearly trips to Mexico.


Day 135:365- May Long – Cleaning quads before we go get them dirty again! This may long will be spent quading!

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Day 136:365 – What you did on May Long – We went quading and camping near the Athabasca River. Here is the 570 getting a greatly needed bath in the river.                           136 ‘

Day 137:365 – Smoke – Smoke from a camp fire yesterday. It was a beautiful, sunny day spent by the Athabasca river, eating and drinking and enjoying the outdoors!


Day 138:365 – Reflection – This is a reflection of the roof of my house is a very tiny tiny piece of mirror sitting on the deck.


Day 139:365 – Self Portrait (backwards) – This is me taking a “selfie” in the mirror “backwards”.


Day 140:365 – Starts with “G” – Guinness starts with G. A box of Guinness left in our fridge by a friend.


Week 19 of 52!

Days 127 through 133 of my 365 day photo challenge.To see daily updates visit JUST SHOOT ME PHOTOS on instagram!


Day 127:365 – Keys -These are some of the most important keys in my job some days. I clack awa at them for hours on end most days.


Day 128:365 – Sunset – The sunset was incredibly bright and orange this evening, this is Kristen admiring the view.


Day 129:365 – Inspiration Day – Today as we were enjoying a late lunch and drinks on a local patio, I noticed the beautiful shadows cast on the brick wall from the lights and umbrellas. Unfortunately I didnt have my camera on hand so I used my Samsung Galaxy S6.

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Day 130:365 – Mother’s Day – Today I spent the afternoon with my mom at the gem and mineral show and then we hung out at her house.This is her in front of her house, Love you!


Day 131: 365 – Rainbows – Today was a difficult day to locate a rainbow due to beautiful weather. So I had to look in places other than the sky. This is a mineral called Carborundum or Moissanite. And it just happens to have some rainbow colors!


Day 132:365 – Sleep – There is nothing as blissful as a sleeping baby. Fausten has been the sweetest baby to photograph because he sleeps and poses easily and is so cute!


Day 133:365 – Inspiration Day – Today between photo shoots I had some time to explore. so I checked out the infamous big shiny balls, along the whitemud. This is the inside of the big shiny balls!


Week 18 of 52!

Days 120 through 126 of my 365 day photo challenge.To see daily updates visit JUST SHOOT ME PHOTOS on instagram!


Day 120:365 – Something Refreshing – Cool lemon water on a hot day, is a perfect summer refreshment.


Day 121:365 – Natural – Today, Jason and I went quading and found these hawk feathers and a small deer shed.


Day 122:365 – Boxing – Tonight is the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao boxing championship! We went to Glenn’s to watch the fight!

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Day 123:365 – Lawn Ornament – This technically isn’t on my lawn and it’s not exactly an ornament but it is in my backyard. It is an abandoned birds nest that I found, and placed inside this wire bird cage hanging in our apple tree. 123

Day 124:365 – A flame – The flame from a lighter. I waited until dark to take the photo to get the ambient right ambient light.


Day 125:365 – May 5th – Today was Cinco De Mayo, as well as election day here in Alberta. We celebrated by going out for beers and tacos after we stopped at the voting polls.

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Day 126:365 – Point of View – Today’s point of view is from that of possibly a mouse… or a dust bunny, a cat toy maybe. Boo was very interested in whatever it is you want this point of view to be from.